General Information.

Here you will find all the general information we think you will need.  If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Consent Forms.

All parents are asked to complete a general consent form, about walks, photographs, etc, before joining. This will be in your welcome pack, with copies of the menu, food consent form and family history page. Your child's keyworker will give you this pack when you visit.

Daily Records and Information.

Each room has, on display, your child's daily routine, what they have eaten, whether they have slept and any other information you may require. This does not take away the personal touch as the staff are always available to talk to you. We pride ourselves on the open communication between our staff and parents. These routines are a means of support in understanding your child's day, if you do not have time to talk.


In the Busy Bees we ask parents to supply, in a named lunch box, a main meal and pudding. We re-heat food to the required temperatures as set out by Environmental Health. The lunches in Caterpillars and Ladybirds are supplied on the school site; you will be given a copy of the menu in your welcome pack. The cost of this is already included in your fees.

Snack Time.

Each room has a snack time, morning and afternoon, of a selection of fruit, biscuits, toast, milk or water. You will receive al this information on your food consent form. Water is always available throughout the day, in all rooms.

Formula Milk.

We ask parents to provide empty, sterilised bottles and teats, with the correct amount of baby powder in a suitable container for each feed. We will then make up the feeds fresh at each feed time. The bottles will then be rinsed out and sent home at the end of each day. This is the policy that we have to follow as set out by the Food Standard Agency.

Breast Feeding.

If you wish to continue breastfeeding your child on returning to work we have a quiet, private area for which you are able to use. Expressed milk can be stored in the fridge.


We have an outside sleeping area for the Busy Bee's, for which we supply prams and pushchairs for the youngest of children to sleep in. Each child will have their own named pram mattress, sheet and blankets. If you wish your child to sleep inside we also have cots available. For the older children in the Caterpillar and Ladybird room's, who still require a sleep, we have mattresses and blankets in cosy, comfortable sleeping areas.


We ask parents to supply nappies, wipes, and cream. These will be kept in your child's own drawer in the bathroom. The staff will notify you when supplies are getting low.


We do suggest that that the children do not wear their best clothes. We do keep spare clothes but if you would like to supply your own then they can be kept in their own, named, drawer in their room. In the summer we ask that you supply a sun hat, we can provide sun cream, at a small cost, unless you specify otherwise. In the winter we ask for wellies, warm coat, hat and gloves, all clearly labelled.

Parent's evening.

We hold three parent evenings throughout the year for you to come and talk with your child's keyperson. This is an ideal time for you to look at your children's records and discuss in more detail your child's development and any other information you may require.


All who attend the nursery receive regular newsletters keeping you informed about current activities, social events and other information.

Fund Raising.

Miss Polly's u is a self-funded establishment and we work hard in gaining parental support for our social and fundraising events.


Each year we hold a Christmas performance of which all children are invited to dress up and participate in. This is held in the main school hall. We also have a Christmas party, which everyone is invited to attend.


At Miss Polly's Nursery we have policy documents on a number of issues and main copies are kept in the office. On confirming your place at Miss Polly's Nursery all parents will be given full copies of our policies.


Both staff and children alike must not attend the nursery if they are suffering the effects of any illness and must not return until a complete recovery has been made, or a Doctor's/ Nursery advice has been sought. If you are unsure about any illness your child may have, please feel free to speak to a member of staff. Children who are ill should only return to the nursery when they are fully recovered, especially in the case of diarrhoea, sickness and conjunctivitis.Written consent is required if a child needs to be given medication.


No means of punishment or punishment area is used within the nursery. Miss Polly's Nursery encourages positive behaviour through praise and support. Any unacceptable behaviour is addressed accordingly, with the consultation, help and support with you the parents.

Equal Opportunities.

Miss Polly's Nursery places great emphasis on equal opportunities for all. We aim to provide children with a positive self‑image and a respect for others regardless of sex, gender, race, religion, or culture. Our work within the nursery reflects the importance we place on providing a balanced, non-sexist, multi‑cultural approach to learning and living.

Baby Sitting

Staff at Miss Polly's are frequently asked to Baby sit. We must stress that whilst we have no objection to this in principle, it is an entirely private arrangement between the staff member and parent, for which the nursery cannot be held responsible.

Management Committee.

The nursery has a Management Committee which meets three times a year and is made up of representatives from: -

Miss Polly's Nursery, The Hurst Community College, Local Businesses, Extended day care providers within the college, Parent representatives.

We have three parent representatives for the nursery and their contact numbers are given out regularly in our newsletters.